BoxCast Adds 4K Live Streaming to its Platform with BoxCaster Pro

New BoxCaster Pro Delivers Ultra High Quality 4K Live Streams with Simplicity, Reliability; Makes 4K Live Streaming Accessible, Streamlined for Scalable Productions to Audiences of Any Size.

BoxCast announced it is introducing 4K live streaming to the BoxCast Platform with the launch of the new BoxCaster Pro. Designed to deliver ultra-high quality 4K live streams with all the simplicity, reliability and technical sophistication for which BoxCast is known, BoxCaster Pro encodes up to 4K60HDR video in HEVC, allowing users to stream events live without requiring large amounts of network bandwidth. Built on the BoxCast platform, BoxCaster Pro delivers transcoded video to viewers wherever they may be.

The BoxCast Platform was developed so that content creators and organizations of any size, e.g., high schools, universities, churches, businesses, municipalities, regardless of technical ability or live streaming know-how, could share their events live with unsurpassed quality and unparalleled ease. Supported by the industry's most sophisticated streaming technologies, tools and resources, the BoxCast Platform handles everything from video encoding, cloud transcoding, delivery and even monetization.

The BoxCaster Pro: How it Works

The BoxCaster Pro was specifically designed to simplify high quality 4K live streaming. Simply input video from up to a 12G-SDI or HDMI 2.0 camera and crystal-clear, professionalBoxCasterPo 400 balanced XLR inputs. Users can monitor the live stream or connect to downstream video infrastructure with the the 4.3” touchscreen or video passthrough on the BoxCaster Pro.

Key highlights and technical specifications of the BoxCaster Pro 4K live streaming device include:

Video Quality
● 4K / 60fps / HDR (high dynamic range of colors)

● AVC/h.264 and HEVC/h.265 encoding (h.265 provides ~2x improvement over h.264)

● SDI (SD, HD, 3G, 6G, 12G) input and loop output
● HDMI 2.0a input and pass-through output
● 2 XLR and balanced 1/4" combo audio inputs

Mechanical Changes
● ¼"-20 threaded mounting hole
● Screw-in power cable (Ops rejoices)

Feedback / Confidence Monitoring
● 4.3” Touchscreen for confidence monitoring and simple configuration
● LED ring for simple status indication
● On-screen advanced diagnostics
● Controlled through BoxCast cloud-based software and broadcaster app
● Headphone jack

The BoxCaster Pro begins shipments this summer. For BoxCaster Pro pricing and pre-order information, please visit