As you know, this column features products that we just cant live without and think once you see or try them, your going to feel the same way. This month we look at BongoTies. Developed by a professional photographer for those unruly cables
BongoTies provide a simple and effective new fastener designed to tame unruly wires and cables. They have hundreds of uses around the studio and on the set. BTopenTN
A BongoTie consists of a heavy gauge rubber band attached to a patented wooden "Bongo" closure pin. The distinctive, flared end BTcloseTNBongo pin is specifically designed to provide a positife button-type closure. The ends are indented to assure easy fastening and removal with the fingers. BongoTies are inexpensive and reusable -- priced around $5.00 for a bag of ten. They are inexpensive enough to be considered expendable, but tough enough to be used over and over. BongoTies are an eco-friendly product, made of 100% biodegradeable materials: natural rubber and wood.