Flolight00MicroBeam 1024 and MicroBeam 512

PrompterPeople / FloLight have some improvements and product changes for the MicroBeam 1024 and MicroBeam 512

We have upgraded and stream-lined the yoke assembly on both the MicroBeam 512 and MicroBeam 1024.  The yoke is now stronger and more streamlined with rounded bends.  We have also put larger knobs on the yokes.
All of the lights are now available in 3200K or 5400K and we will be releasing DMX models soon; these should be huge sellers for everyone as schools, churches and studios move to LED lighting which uses less powerFloLight01 and gives off less heat.

We have done away with the bank selectors on both units since the lights have full dimming with the dimmer knob.
Also, the lights no longer ship with gel holders although gel holders and barn doors are available as options. Both the  MicroBeam 1024 and the MicroBeam 512 are available now with V-mount, Anton Bauer mount or no battery plate.

There is no pricing change.
We have once again been ramping up production to keep up with the demand for these high CRI lights that are brighter and provide better looking lighting than competing models. We have been seeing a lot of acceptance of the new lights with news organizations like CNN and ABC News who purchase lights and kits.

For more information, visit Flolight at www.flolight.com