They say that necessity is the mother of invention.

Static and 2D virtual sets were boring, the true 3D ones I made really popped off the screen. The problem was, they were very complicated and took such a long time to make, even for something simple. And the software I used added up to over $5000 to do it. Customers would call wanting to do the same thing, everyone wants to do camera moves, but the response to the technical aspects and the price were uniformly discouraging.

Our solution was to create a program that would work with the same virtual sets we use in real time virtual set systems costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, but in a post-production application costing only hundreds.  After years of work we came up with intensiKey.intensiKey-Interface-1-small

What is intensiKey?

intensiKey is the world's first fully 3D post production virtual set system. It's designed to slip easily into your workflow, taking your unkeyed green-screen footage andintensiKey-Workflow outputting your talent in a true 3D virtual set with camera moves. intensiKey solves the problems that have plagued even savvy post production professionals; how to do a true 3D virtual set in post-production without significant time, expense, and technical overhead.

intensiKey is quick to set up and render a shot, usually taking only minutes to do both. Compared to the 3D software needed to do a true 3D post production shot our virtual set software is cost effective, and loaded with ready to go content with more available online. intensiKey is designed to be easy to use, load your footage, add a B source, add a camera move, select your output format, and render. The footage is ready to go straight to the internet, in to your editing program of choice, or anywhere else common video file formats go.

Below are the recommended minimum specifications:
Operating System Windows XP, Vista, 7
Processor AMD/Intel
Hard Drive 100 Mb
DirectX 9.0c
Graphics Card Model GeForce 6xxx or newer
Radeon X1300 or newer
Graphics Card RAM 256 Mb
RAM 1 Gb

Virtual Set Backgrounds


intensiKey comes with five different virtual sets to help get you started but dozens more are available in our online store for immediate purchase and download. These sets are designed specifically for intensiKey and are 3D files which automatically place your talent and content immediately in the set.
About the Company: intensiKey was founded in May of 2010 with the sole purpose of developing a post-production virtual set application at prosumer prices. intensiKey shipped in July of 2011 and is currently in development towards version 1.1.

For more information on intensiKey visit our website: or or watch our demos on youtube: or friend us on facebook: