In the fast growing world of DSLR cameras, how do you know where you can get the most bang for your buck?

original2 325Especially in the student filmmaking world, we need to make our dollar stretch as far as humanly possible. You’ve all probably heard its name floating around your sphere of information. I know I have and I have finally been able to see it for myself. Yes it’s real and yes it’s as good as they say. The Blackmagic Cinema camera is taking the world by storm!

With it’s 35mm size sensor you get an incredible dynamic and depth to your picture, making the audience really question if this was shotdynamic range 325 digitally or on beautiful 35mm film stock. This is because of its ability to shoot in an ultra wide dynamic rage sensor and gives you the most choices in lenses then any other DSLR out there using PL, EF, and MFT mounts with lenses from Panavision, ARRI, Zeiss, and Canon. Plus as a student filmmaker that has been trying to find a way to take your cinematography to the next level, Blackmagic gives you the opportunity of being able to shoot with vintage PL cinema lenses. So if you were shooting a period piece you can now use the same lenses used in that exact era to make the audience’s jaws drop.

This is also made possible by its two choices of resolution, 2.5K and 4K Ultra HD. It’s amazing that a 4K camera is available to student filmmakers for a price they can afford. Ultra HD pictures are perfect for re-sizing shots, eliminating bayer loss for full resolution color, and a picture worth a thousand words of OMG. Color grading has been taken to another level then what us student filmmakers are use to. Blackmagic’s resolution options and RAW recording feature gives you all the control in post and lets you take your vision wherever you need it to go instead of trying to force other DSLRs like in the past.

ultra hd copy 325Although, as an editor, I have to say my favorite function that this amazing camera can do is record in RAW and ProRes files. Straight from the camera you’re ready to edit. No more waiting on file conversion to make the footage workable. Weather you’re editing on Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, AVID Media Composer, or Final Cut Pro and need Apple ProRes. We got it! Even better, you can now start editing faster then ever recording straight to an external drive. Say goodbye to copying files from camera to computer or being handcuffed with expensive CF cards size limit. Just take your SSD from the camera to your computer. Amazing! You can save even more time by entering metadata into the camera directly using the touchscreen. Shot number can automatically be added so you don’t have to do it every time, letting your editor know how much you love them by eliminating manual logging and suggesting in-camera which shot was your favorite.

The Blackmagic Cinema camera is also equipped with the most commonconnections 325 connectors that you probably already have so there’s no time wasted on-set. And as if it couldn’t get any better every Blackmagic Cinema Camera comes with a full copy of DaVinci Resolve 11 so you can start editing and color correcting your native RAW files and enjoying the fantastic things you can do with your amazing new camera. Cameras start at $1,995 for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera EF 2.5K all the way to the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K PL for $2,995. See more at their website,

libbybloodLibby Blood, Editor, SVN Student Filmmaking

Libby Blood has a passion for all aspects of filmmaking. Throughout her four years in Advanced Media Production at El Dorado High School, she created countless PSAs, commercials, spot features, live events, music videos, and two award-winning short films. Now graduated, Libby is currently working on two feature films with well-known producers, as well as working with MTV Verge and Nick Cannon's Celebrity High TV. She is also stretching her wings with a full length documentary as well. Her short film LUCY has won numerous awards both here and overseas. 

 She is currently working on her next film.