Datavideo’s Educator’s Production Bundles: (EPB-1000 & EPB-2000)

It’s no secret that video production classes can provide students with life-long skill sets including critical thinking, problem solving and analytical skills that are required for success in the years to come.

These types of classes will also help educators meet Common Core standards in a more engaging and interactive way. However, this can be a challenge for many teachers. In order tostudents onset03 400 take advantage of a class with so much educational potential, many teachers have to familiarize themselves with new video technology, editing software, and the demanding process of video production.

Thankfully, Datavideo has created two all in one Educator’s Production Bundles that allow schools to easily implement a video production program. Whether you’re a novice or a video production expert, we make it easy for you by taking the guesswork out of your equipment workflow.

In a video production class, students will have a chance to produce morning announcements, which will allow them to work as part of a team, develop journalistic writing skills, public speaking skills, time management skills, and demonstrate a mastery of technical skills. If your school is ready to start a video production program that provides a collaborative method to develop your students into well-rounded individuals, but don’t know where to start, look no further than Datavideo’s Educator’s Production Bundles.

The bundles includes:

HD video switcher, SE-700
Title creator, TC-200
Streaming encoder/recorder, NVS-25
Teleprompter kit, TP-300B
Up/down/cross converter, DAC-70
• Laptop for CG
• Tablet for teleprompter
• LED smart TV for multi-view
• Green screen background and stands
Professional lighting kit
• Audio kit
• All necessary cables
Teacher’s guide and Activity book – Click here, for a look into Chapter 1 of the Teaching Guide
Product Video Tutorials

DV02 750

The price of the first bundle (EPB-1000), with all of the above items included, is only $9,995. If your school needs cameras, you can purchase the second Educator’s Production Bundle (EPB-2000), which includes all of the items mentioned above plus 2 PTC-150 robotic cameras, RMC-180 camera controller, and 2 camera tripods. The EPB-2000 is retailed at $17,995.

Only the EPB-1000 and EPB-2000 can provide a complete solution for a new video production program. These bundles are equipped with everything you need for your production, along with a Teacher’s Guide that provides valuable tools to effectively teach a video production class. In addition, the Activity Book offers a variety of lesson plans for your students to get hands on experience with the equipment. We also have video tutorials with step by step instructions on how to use the equipment to further enhance the Teacher’s Guide. We thought of every detail so you don’t have to.

To learn more about Datavideo’s EPB-1000 & EPB-2000 you can watch the video below or visit