Whether you're working for a production company, making your own independent projects, or just want to start using all the right forms that go into making a film legal and legit, Cinema Forms for the iPad is the perfect product to have on any set.

The first time you fire up Cinema Forms, you’re prompted to create a new production company. A dialog box pops up asking for all the basic information; address, contact information, even a company logo. You then create your first project, which will become a home for all the forms associated with your project.CinemaFormsLibby

 Once all the setup is out of the way, you create new forms much the same way you do in Apple’s Pages: a list of all the document types is presented and you tap the one you want. Cinema Forms comes pre-loaded with all the basics you need to get started; insurance forms, call sheets, pre-production worksheets, and many others.

Cinema Forms integrates efficiently with iOS’s maps feature so you can easily attach maps to documents like call sheets. Need an extra to sign a release form right away but don't have an extra hard copy or printer? With cinema forms you can pull up the correct form in no time and have them sign it right there, using their finger then send it off to the producer.

This app saves all of its documents as a convenient PDF file one by one or even in bulk. You can email as well as backup forms to iCloud or export to Dropbox, but once exported no changes can be made to the PDF File.

With Cinema Forms there is now no excuse for neglecting production paperwork. This is a fantastic app that’s a fine example of how developers can take existing workflows and bring them into the future. ikan is committed to making the best app possible. I’m an avid user and probably will be forever. I can’t picture going back after how convenient this app has been.

You can buy Cinema Form now from the iTunes App Store for $9.99. If you want to learn more about ikan and the app, check out their site at cinemaforms.com.


Libby Blood, Associate Editor

Libby Blood has a passion for all aspects of filmmaking. Throughout her four years in Advanced Media Production at El Dorado High School, she created countless PSAs, commercials, spot features, live events, music videos, and two award-winning short films. Now graduated, Libby is currently working on two feature films with well-known producers, as well as working with MTV Verge and Nick Cannon's Celebrity High TV. She is also stretching her wings with a full length documentary as well.