New book for broadcast clubs will be available free on Kindle during the 2019 NAB Show.

A new book geared toward broadcast clubs, called the “Accelerated Broadcast Club Curriculum” will be available for download for free during the 2019 NAB Show. The Cover 350accelerated broadcast club curriculum, also known as ABC2, includes a free online training course for students and teachers to take their educational programs to the next level. Book author Paul Richards has announced that he will be giving away copies from the PTZOptics booth in Central Hall. School video news (SVN) will be reporting from the showroom floor and interviewing Richards on his new book.

“It’s incredible what students and teachers in broadcast clubs are doing these days,” says Richards, in regards to the incredible advances in broadcast technology available today. “Teams of students can now work together, to build a collaborative live broadcast using equipment that almost any school can afford.” The Accelerated Broadcast Club curriculum outlines schools at multiple educational levels using live streaming and broadcast equipment in extra-curricular programs. “In writing this book, I have interviewed and visited broadcast clubs from all across the United States and I’m happy to say that over 750 students are already enrolled in our online learning program,” says Richards.

The ABC2 book and curriculum has been designed with the “flipped classroom” and blended learning in mind. The online course compliments this book with digital downloads, tutorial videos and best of all an online community of broadcasters. ABC2 also features a Facebook Group available for students to post questions and get answers from broadcast professionals available here -

ABC2 will be available to download for free on Kindle during the 2019 NAB Show here.

Enroll in the free ABC2 online course here today -