RUSHWORKS was founded in 2001 by Rush Beesley, a technology pioneer since the early 1970s.

Having designed and created a broad range of production and automation solutions, his 'mongrel pedigree' is uniquely suited for the company's branding as a provider of “simply powerful” technology innovations.

Mission Statement: To provide INTEGRATED MEDIA SOLUTIONS that increase PRODUCTIVITY, PROFITABILITY, and RETURN-ON-INVESTMENT. As technology evolves, we embrace and adopt appropriate new directions, and continue to offer the best possible price/performance value solutions ... along with sustained Customer Support of the highest possible caliber.

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VNEWS Production Bundles

VNEWS is a turnkey hardware/software solution that includes everything needed to produce professional news and entertainment programs: PTZ cameras, prompters, audio mixer and mikes, lights, and a touch screen for fast and simple rundown selection. Best of all, it’s designed for use by a single person! YOU can be the writer, producer, director, technical director, and self-prompting news anchor. It’s available in several configurations, using from one to four PTZ cameras and the RUSHDOLLY.For further information and a brief video:

A-LIST Streamster

This little ‘network appliance’ includes software features from A-LIST Broadcast but is designed for IP operation (no baseband input or output). Schedule and stream “live” and recorded files 24/7/365 using NDI and/or RTMP protocols. It includes streaming templates for YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and Vimeo Livestream. When you’re ready to launch your own Internet TV channel, Streamster is the ticket!For further information and a brief video:

A-LIST Broadcast Automation 

 A-LIST provides all the features you need for 24/7 automation, supporting SD and HD on up to four independent channels. Whether you're a traditional TV broadcaster, running an educational or government channel, or starting an Internet TV station, this 'powerfully simple' solution gets it done.A-LIST supports up to four SD/HD channels per chassis, with real-time up/down conversion of SD/HD files in the playlists. Systems support MPEG-2, H.264, MXF, AVI and MOV files, and efficient non-proprietary NAS storage architectures for virtually unlimited access to current and archived media. For further information and a brief video: Multi-Camera PTZ Production SystemsVDESK Integrated PTZ Production Systems include switcher, effects, transitions and Chroma key, with local encoding and streaming functions. They include 23” touch screens and support 4, 8 or 12 SDI or analog inputs.VDESK includes three unique user interfaces that let you work the way you want, when you want. The VDESK LTD tower model is built for applications where expandability from its 4 inputs isn’t necessary. The VDESK PRO 4 supports expansion from 4 to 8 inputs and is housed in a 4U chassis, while VDESK PRO 8 comes standard with 8 inputs in a 4U chassis.Use your iPad, Android or Windows tablet to control your VDESK over a wireless (N) network. Run the entire show from anywhere in the room.For further information and a brief video:

REMO Multi-Camera Portable PTZ Production Systems

REMO includes the same software and user interfaces as VDESK but is designed specifically for users that need lightweight portability for quick setup and strike on location. The two REMO configurations - UBEREMOTE and ISOREMOTE - are easily transported from a vehicle to the production site.REMO UBEREMOTE has four inputs (non-expandable), and includes a 15.6” touch screen. It’s perfect for “run and gun” recording and streaming. ISO recording of up to two inputs is also supported. Output is both SDI and HDMI.REMO ISOREMOTE can be configured with four or eight inputs, and also includes a 15.6” or 23” touch screen. This powerful system can record all eight inputs (ISO) to separate files - as well as the switched program output - while simultaneously streaming. Output is both SDI and HDMI.Both units incorporate input cards that support analog and HD/SD-SDI inputs, and interface with most PTZ cameras as well as RUSHWORKS’ PTX Universal PanTilt heads. You can also configure inputs to accept NDI or streaming signals through the network port.For further information and a brief video:

VDESK/REMO – Multiple User Interfaces

VDESK and REMO come standard with three interfaces: CLASSIC, PRODUCER and TalkingPoints.

The CLASSIC interface supports up to 12 PTZ or PTX cameras, with eight user-defined and named presets per camera panel. The PRODUCER interface is based on a gray scale 3D representation of your production area. Just place picture icons (picons) of people or objects on the “stage” and touch an icon to TAKE the shot in about one second. It’s truly a unique and “switcherless” production tool.TalkingPoints is a simple, cost-effective solution for capturing, streaming and displaying all the elements of lectures and other live presentations. Supporting up to three PTZ cameras, it uses HD Picture-in-Picture formatting to display PowerPoint and similar graphics, and two independent windows for the presenter and panelists.A third camera can be used to capture Q&A audience participation during and after the presentation. Copy your session files to DVDs, USBs, and/or upload for VOD.TalkingPoints makes every seat in the house a front row seat … with no camera operators required!For further information and a brief video:

PTX Universal Pan/Tilt Head

The multi-award-winning PTX Universal PanTilt heads provide a whole new dimension of production functionality, supporting the Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K and many LANC-equipped cameras from Sony, Canon, Panasonic and JVC. It’s also great with GoPro and other small HD cameras for enhanced point-of-view coverage.Because it supports full DMX control as well as the standard VISCA RS-422 protocol, it can be added as a fixture profile in lighting consoles and software, allowing the lighting designer to program scenes which include both lighting and video presets. It opens up a whole new universe of possibilities!In addition to pan and tilt, the PTX fixture provides control of zoom, focus, iris, and record start/stop if the cameras support the commands.

For further information and a brief video: