Henry Engineering is a manufacturer of professional broadcasting equipment used by radio and TV stations.  Since 1982, Henry Engineering has shipped over 120,000 products to broadcasters worldwide.  Our slogan is We Build Solutions because all of our products solve problems!  Thousands of broadcasters have use Henry Engineering products to build studios, upgrade equipment, and make their facilities more flexible and reliable.

Henry Engineering products have earned a stellar reputation for exceptional performance, reliability, and affordability.

In 2008, Henry Engineering introduced MultiPhones, the industry’s first headphone audio distribution system.  It was widely accepted by radio stations who often needed to provide headphone audio to multiple announcers.MultiPhone’s active Guest Pod and MiniPod headphone amps were other “industry firsts” that solved the problems inherent in passive headphone audio distribution systems.

In 2011, we introduced Talent Pod, a announcer’s “mini-console”. It was used by radio stations when doing remote broadcasts.  Talent Pod made it easy for the announcer to hear multiple audio feeds in his headphones. He could create his own ‘custom mix’ and control the volume using just two knobs. Talent Pod also solved the problem of distributing headphone audio to multiple announcers. It eliminated the need for distribution amplifiers and complicated wiring, replacing it with common cat5 cabling.

Based on user’s feedback, we created the Sports Pod a few years later. Sports Pod added two important features to Talent Pod: Mic On/Off Remote Control and a Talkback facility.  Sports Pod was now ideal for sports broadcasts, thanks to these new features that provided an intercom between a Producer and announcers.

And now….drum roll….!  For 2018, Henry Engineering proudly presents SportsCaster, a comprehensive audio system for controling all the audio of a sporting event video broadcast.  SportsCaster is the “missing link” that ties everything together!  It handles your mic mixing, provides headphone audio for the announcers, reporters, and camera operators, and includes an intercom/talkback system so the producer can coordinate the entire broadcast. SportsCaster does it all, in one place with simple controls, and eliminates a carload of extra gear and complicated wiring.

Henry Engineering was founded by Hank Landsberg.  He has designed every Henry Engineering product, and is always available to answer questions about the products and how to use them.  The entire product lineup can be seen by visiting www.henryeng.com.

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SportsCaster is the “missing link” that manages all aspects of play-by-play audio.  It mixes the announcers’ mics, controls and distributes headphone audio for announcers, producer, and camera operators, and provides an intercom for back-channel communication between everyone.SportsCaster is the “missing link” that manages all aspects of play-by-play audio.  It mixes the announcers’ mics, controls and distributes headphone audio for announcers, producer, and camera operators, and provides an intercom for back-channel communication between everyone.

SportsCaster works with Henry Engineering’s Sports Pod (below) announcer stations, and integrates all these audio functions in one easy-to-use unit. SportsCaster has inputs for 3 announcers, a Field Reporter, crowd mic, and other sources. In addition to the main Program output (for “air” or streaming) there are separate, dedicated headphone outputs for the announcers (using Sports Pods), the Field Reporter, Camera operators and the Producer.  Each of these Headphone outputs can be custom-mixed to suit the listener and minimize confusion.  

Because play-by-play sporting event coverage requires real-time off-the-air communication between talent and tech, SportsCaster includes a comprehensive intercom system that allows back-channel communication between the producer, announcers, field reporter, and camera operators. The Intercom system provides selective communication to any or all members of the broadcast team, yet it is intuitive and easy to operate. The Producer can give cues to the announcers and/or field reporter, while simultaneously “calling the shots” to the camera operators.  The Producer controls the intercom audio paths, so that each broadcast team member hears only what is necessary without hearing comms intended for someone else. This minimizes confusion, especially when dealing with somewhat inexperienced announcers and techs. 

SportsCaster is a compact 1-RU unit, and can be installed in a few minutes using standard cabling. It eliminates the need for multiple mixers, headphone amps, distribution systems, and complicated wiring.

rack mountableSports Pod

Mic/Headphone Controller and Intercom

Now your remote broadcasts can be even easier and more foolproof! The new Sports Pod has Talkback so you can communicate with talent! And there's Remote Mic Control....no more hollering "HEY BOB! Your mic's not on!" Plus all the great features of the original Talent Pod...the new Sports Pod has it all.

The Sports Pod is an announcer’s mic/headphone controller and intercom system for use by talent at a remote broadcast. It is ideal for use at sporting events, on-location broadcasts, or in any studio. Sports Pod is similar to Henry Engineering’s Talent Pod, but with three additional features: an integrated intercom system, active mic audio on/off switching, and the ability to remotely control the mic. It solves the problem of providing talent with a mix Local and Return (IFB) headphone audio, and provides duplex off-air communication with a producer or engineer. Its simplicity allows for error-free use by non-technical users, and it provides an easy way to link several units for use at broadcasts with multiple announcers.

TalentPodTalent Pod

Doing any remote broadcast is a lot of work. Doing a sports remote with multiple announcers can be a real hassle! You need to provide headphones for each announcer. AND you need to mix Return (IFB or “back-haul”) into the local headphone feed. AND each announcer wants a different mix...OR “can you put the IFB in my right ear only?”….OR some announcers don’t want to hear IFB at all….OR they want more volume… OR less volume! WHAT A HEADACHE… You end up with a maze of equipment and a rat’s nest of wiring!

TALENT POD to the rescue! It’s the EASY and foolproof way to do remote broadcasts!

With Talent Pods, each announcer can control his own mic and headphones. Need to mix Local and Return audio into headphones? Need a different mix for each announcer? Need to give off-air cues to just the “color guy”? No problem! Talent Pod does it all, without DAs and complicated wiring!

With Talent Pods, each announcer can control his mic, his personal mix of Local and Return audio. He can hear what he wants the way he wants it. No more complaints, confusion or on-site headaches! Whether your remote needs just one announcer or many, Talent Pod is the solution.