Creating the newest, most technologically advanced audio products has been a tradition at Azden for over 60 years. Taking advantage of the latest in CAD and SMT technology, every Azden product is loaded with features and enhancements within minimal space.

Started as an OEM manufacturer for many of the world’s best-known quality brand names, Azden in the past 28 years has established its own brand identity. Today, the name “Azden” is synonymous with quality, around the world.

Our portable VHF wireless microphone systems have been the leaders in Event and Wedding Videography fields. They are considered to have better RF than competitors priced considerably higher. The “PRO” series continues to evolve, with constantly improving circuitry.

The 92-channel 105 Series and the new 188-channel 310/330 Series UHF portable systems are rapidly being accepted as the best performing systems for those broadcast professionals wanting maximum flexibility of transmitter options and quality, at a reasonable price. And, the new 1201 Series 188-channel UHF systems set a new standard for performance and ease of use, while retaining the Azden tradition for quality at reasonable prices.

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Azden PRO-XD

The Azden® i-Coustics® PRO-XD is an easy to use and affordable digital wireless lavalier microphone system for camera mounting and mobile video applications. Its compact and lightweight design is a great solution for capturing audio on the go. Perfect for video production, electronic news gathering and even mobile devices, the PRO-XD includes an adapter cable for compatibility with headset inputs on most modern smartphones and tablets!

Utilizing digital wireless technology, the PRO-XD operates in the 2.4GHz range which is completely free of TV and radio interference. The PRO-XD out performs similarly priced VHF systems with better than CD quality digital audio and delivers dependable operation out to a distance of 100 feet or beyond with direct line of sight. Set up is a breeze with automatic syncing between receiver and transmitter. Internal, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries provide long lasting operation and easy charging via USB.

Designed to delivery high-fidelity audio, the receiver’s high gain output with volume control alleviates noise and hiss produced by low-quality camera preamps and eliminates the need for big adjustments in post production. The PRO-XD’s transmitter uniquely includes an auxiliary line input, allowing you to wirelessly transmit any stereo, line level audio source and mix it with the microphone source if desired.

With its incredibly small form factor, the PRO-XD is the first viable digital wireless audio solution for use with action cameras, such as the popular Hero® series from GoPro® (3rd party cable may be required for connection).

The complete PRO-XD system includes the transmitter, receiver and specially designed lapel microphone as well as an adapter cable for mobile devices, an audio output cable, USB cable and AC adapter for charging

Azden SMX-30

The SMX-30 was engineered to be the ultimate video microphone with outstanding audio quality, appealing design, ergonomic form factor, and all of the functional features one expects in a top-of-the-line, camera- mounted microphone.

Stereo or Mono? Why Choose?
If you only have the budget to buy one microphone for your camera, why should you have to choose between mono or stereo? The SMX-30 is stereo/mono switchable, so you don’t have to.

Housed inside an innovative casing, the SMX-30 is actually two microphones packaged into one. The stereo microphone is positioned at the top and consists of 2 cardioid polar pattern microphone elements spaced apart at a 120º angle for capturing a natural sounding stereo image. The mono microphone uses a super-cardioid polar pattern to focus on sound in front of the camera and is equipped with the same high-quality element as Azden’s SGM-250 shotgun microphone to record broadcast quality sound.

SGM-250 Shotgun MicrophoneAZDEN-sgm-250-350

The ALL NEW SGM-250 is a major step forward in Azden microphone design. Its overall sound quality, feature set and reasonable price make it a serious contender for audio professionals in the television, film and video production industry. A newly engineered microphone element produces broadcast sound quality with true wide band 20Hz-20kHz frequency response. The new rugged all metal barrel has tightly spaced vertical slots that provide superior rejection to the sides and rear. A dual power design, the SGM-250 has a status LED indicator and operates on AA battery (1.5V) or phantom power (48V). Additional features include: A two step low-cut filter, gold-plated XLR output, shock-mount holder, foam wind shield and zippered case. Hand crafted in Japan, the SGM-250 is backed by Azden’s exclusive 10 year warranty and has a suggested retail price of $350.00


AZDEN-FMX-42u-300FMX-42u Portable Mixer with USB Output

The NEW FMX-42u is the replacement for the highly regarded and successful FMX-42 mixer. Now with a feature set that includes an on-board A to D converter, the FMX-42u sports both digital mini USB out and analog XLR outputs. Simultaneous use of both outputs allows the analog signal to be sent to the camera while a back-up digital signal can be sent to a smartphone or tablet. Of course all the great features and sound quality that made the FMX-42 such a standout performer are still included like: Precision quality, peak VU meters, 4 inputs, each with 3 input gain settings and selectable phantom power. Each input has its own level control with pan function, switchable low cut filter and limiter. Outputs include digital mini USB, analog dual XLR’s and stereo 3.5mm for DSLR users. With its wide band frequency response, and low noise levels the FMX-42u has broadcast sound quality that television, film and video professionals can count on. Additional features include a headphone output with level control and ballistic nylon carrying case with neck strap. The FMX-42u can be powered by 6 AA batteries for up to15 hours or with the optional BC-27H power supply. Hand crafted in Japan, the FMX-42u comes with a 2 year warranty and has a suggested retail price of $780.00.