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Pro Intercom products are solid and time-tested across thousands of installations and are known for their durability. We proudly make professional intercom systems that are accessible to even modest budgets and include a generous warranty policy. In addition to our quality line of products, we offer a comprehensive range of unique problem solving accessories. We can help you plan your system and find the most economical way to implement.

We realize that someone has to listen to these systems, often for hours on end. We do it first!

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MS301 pro-300

MS301 Master Station - Program Input & IFB

The MS301 is a 3-circuit Master Station with a unique hybrid configuration. Each of the 3 circuits can be used in either comms or IFB mode. Microprocessors operate all the switching, routing, and supervision functions while both the audio path and the core power supply remain analog. The result is a station with unrivaled flexibility, muscular reliability, and clean, smooth audio.

Supervision includes the individual monitoring of each circuit for faults, and reporting such by front panel LEDs.

The 3 circuits can be operated independently or linked in A+B and A+B+C modes. All electronic “housekeeping” functions such as maintaining proper termination impedances are handled automatically.

The MS301 can be used with a headset or handset or may be operated in hands-free mode by plugging in an accessory close-talking, noise-canceling goose-neck microphone (available separately) and adjusting sidetone for deep supression.

Program audio can be directed to each circuit, and the level can be independently controlled and visually monitored.

The MS301 is compatible with most other 200ohm unbalanced party-line intercom and IFB devices.

tr1-front back PRO-300

TR1 Talent Receiver

The TR1 is the smallest, lightest package still making it possible to manipulate while in a hurry, or in the dark. On the top (or front) panel there are inputs for both ¼" and 3.5mm plugs and a rotary volume control which can be turned down, but not all the way off. Internal jumpers allow the technician to set the lowest level preferred. The bottom (or rear) panel features a green LED indicating that the unit is connected to the system and is receiving the required 18~30 VDC from the power supply. A second LED, red, flashes, indicating that audio traffic is being received. An external but recessed switch allows the technician to choose between single and two channel operation. Connection to the IFB circuit is made using the TR1’s removable/replaceable cables that terminate either in a 3-pin female or a 3-pin male XLR or, provided with a cable which Ys both. They are available in a variety of lengths. Connection to the TR1 is via a 3-pin mini XLR. The actual cable used is the steel reinforced type that has proven its strength on our 200 series headsets for the past many years.

Internal jumpers allow the TR1 to interface with a host of other present and earlier IFB configurations, including those with operating current on Pin 3, but excluding balanced systems.

TT1 Front PRO-300

TT1 Portable IFB Mini-Master

The TT1 has two applications:

a) It was designed to be used as a beltpack in an intercom system with the facility to inject program material onto the intercom circuit to which it is connected;

b) to function as a portable master station for a compact IFB system.

Whether the program material is a local audio source or an IFB feed, it is inserted via the combo XLR/¼in. jack on the rear panel. Connection to the intercom system or the IFB talent receivers is made at the female 3-pin XLR on the rear panel.

A 4-pin male XLR is provided for connection of a standard intercom headset with a dynamic microphone. A modification to allow use of a headset with an electret microphone is available. Control of the level of the program material to be heard in the system is by a rotary control on the front panel. A true VU meter (LED-type) is provided on the front panel to monitor the program input. A recessed control on the front panel permits adjustment of the VU meter sensitivity.The LEDs are bright and easily visible. Control of the user’s headset volume is by a thumbwheel. A green LED confirms that the TT1 is receiving DC voltage from the intercom or IFB power supply.

When used as an intercom beltpack, power will be provided by the intercom system’s power supply. When used as an IFB mini-master, power will come from the IFB power supply. When used as a mini-master in a portable stand-alone IFB system, power will come from an AC adapter through an accessory which regulates and filters the power for ultra quiet operation, or from a battery accessory.

The talk button is momentary in stock form, but can be modified to be latching. A separate button allows the user to choose to talk over the program material, or to interrupt the program material while the talk button is pressed. Pro Intercom users will recognize the sound quality of the communications audio. The pass-through of the program material is also clean and wide enough in frequency response to be listenable for long periods.

The TT1 is plug-in compatible with Clear-Com and other lesser known 200ohm (unbalanced) party-line intercom systems.

DMH9000-300DMH9000 Broadcast Headset

The DMH9000 is not an intercom headset, but a broadcast version. It is equipped with a highly directional, balanced, condenser microphone requiring DIN standard phantom voltage. That, in combination with its extreme durability, lack of exposed wiring, and high noise-excluding ear muffs make it ideal for all applications including sports broadcasting. It is fitted with standard broadcast connectors - a 3-pin male XLR for the microphone and a ¼” T/R/S phone plug for the earspeakers, both Neutrik.

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