EartecHeadsetThe Eartec / Porta Phone Company began in 1961 as a supplier of portable wired intercoms to High School and College football coaches.

Now, 50 years later, Eartec is a leading manufacturer of affordable wireless headsets for production teams across a multitude of industries.EartecHeadset

What has always set Eartec apart is a commitment to building rugged, yet affordable communication equipment specifically for the education marketplace along with providing professional courteous service. Today Eartec still manufactures portable wired intercoms as well as state of the art Simplex and FullDuplex wireless systems.

Eartec Simplex wireless are straightforward to use and totally portable. Each consist of a belt worn two-way radio  with headset that operates in PTT (push to Talk) mode. Simplex accommodate an unlimited number of stations within a half mile range where users simply take turns transmitting. A full line of lightweight, mid-weight and heavy duty headset accessories are also offered, allowing each customer to combine the components they need best fit their needs.

Full Duplex wireless are “hands free” systems that allow users to talk simultaneously just like on a regular telephone. They are designed for people that need to communicate and work with their hands at the same time. The advantage of the Eartec program is that customers can couple the duplex transceivers with a variety of headsets creating unique communication tools.

All Eartec products are “designed for comfort and built to last”. So when you job calls for split-second coordination contact Eartec for fast courteous service. Whether you need replacement headsets or a complete new system, Eartec communication products will come through loud and clear!

For more information, visit their website at www.eartec.com or call them at (800) 399–5994