Makers of the World’s Most Popular Audio Adapters

BeachTek was established in 1997 to provide a solution for recording high quality audio on the new generation of DV camcorders that were released in the mid 1990’s.



The DXA-4 was our first adapter which was a relatively simple passive device and was developed for the popular Sony VX1000. It was so successful that it sold for over 14 years undergoing many upgrades during that time. We also built many other custom adapters for several of the popular camcorders that were released in the years to follow.

In 2009, we developed the world’s first adapter for a DSLR camera. Our DXA-5D solved a number of problems for getting professional audio into the Canon 5D MKII.

Our latest DSLR camera adapters have evolved into sophisticated units complete with all the features necessary for recording professional audio directly to the camera. All components that go into our adapters are sourced from the finest companies around the world.

We have become the “missing link” for connecting professional audio gear to today’s DV camcorders and DSLR cameras.

BeachTek takes great pride in our superior products and outstanding customer service. Customers are the driving force behind everything we do and we are not satisfied until they are.

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