AVT 20yr CMYK lg

Since 1996, Applied Video Technology, Inc’s philosophy has been very simple - find the best digital media solution that meets our customer’s needs; take the time to understand our customer’s application; find the right equipment; design a system that uses that equipment to its fullest potential; integrate that system correctly the first time.

We provide design and engineering, installation, training, support and maintenance, live event production and rental services. We are CTS, CTS-I and CTS-D certified and trained representatives for hundreds of AV manufacturers, striving to find the right technical mix of products and price points to ensure
our customers receive the best overall value for their investment.

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AVT01TV Studios

When broadcast production is your primary goal, TV studios designed by AVT will give you the functionality you need. AVT will design a space for your needs, integrating the latest cameras, switchers, lighting and control system to assist with everything from acquisition, control, routing, encoding, streaming, shared storage, and media asset management. We will ensure your studio handles what you need today and give you room to grow in the future.

Classroom and Training Facility AV SystemsAVT02

Whether in large classroom settings, individualized training, small-group or peer-to-peer learning scenarios; the goal of the learning environment is to bring together data, resources, tools and expertise to positively impact the learning experience. AVT builds classrooms for the education and corporate sectors, providing the tools necessary for communicating with students on every level.

AVT03IPTV and Video on Demand Systems

Nothing has the communication power of video, and with an AVT designed IPTV or video on demand solution you can easily and cost effectively deliver real-time and on-demand video to anyone, anywhere. We will help you to create a foundation on which to build an entire video network environment for video streaming on IP Networks, cloud management and VOD delivery, desktop and mobile solutions.

Portable Video Production SystemsAVT04

For almost two decades AVT has been providing integrated VidCaster solutions for a wide variety of applications. The VidCaster adds a whole new dimension to versatility and mobility for high quality video production. Our systems are carefully designed to meet each of our customer’s needs by providing an easy to use and mobile system that allows for simple production and distribution of video.

AVT05Digital Signage

Inform and entertain your audience more effectively and efficiently with an AVT digital signage network. A digital signage network will allow you to digitally create, manage and deliver your dynamic visual messages to your audience in an engaging and compelling style.