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Camera Motion Research in Raleigh, NC, is a manufacturer and reseller of professional quality video gear. The company got its start by designing and manufacturing the innovative Blackbird handheld camera stabilizer (thousands sold). Now the CMR product line includes wireless video gear, field monitors, sliders and motion control sets, cranes, and tripods.

Our in-house design capability allows us to offer exciting products like the recently introduced Amimon Connex wireless video accessories. High performance wireless video can transform the capability and ease of live event coverage …. if only your school could afford it. Our Connex sets and accessories might make that possible.

CMR understands the importance of customer support, both technical and sales, and we provide it!

To learn more about Cammotion and their products visit their website by clicking here

CMRConnex 250Connex mini and CMR Accessories

Stop dragging those video cables around your event! The Amimon Connex mini with CMR accessories provides truly robust wireless HD video at an affordable cost. The Connex mini transmitters and receivers are small and light, and capable of up to 1080p(60) HDMI transmission. Plug and play operation with automatic channel selection provides reliable wireless video connections. Lithium ion batteries for both the transmitter and receiver provide up to 5 hours of operation.

CMR is an authorized dealer for the Amimon Connex mini. And CMR can offer educational discounts on our Connex mini accessories. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for accessory discount information.

The Connex mini will usually provide more than adequate range and performance for all school events, but if you need the ultimate in wireless HD capability then consider the original Connex……

Connex with CMR AccessoriesCMRAccessories 275

The Amimon Connex combined with CMR accessories provides the ultimate in wireless HD performance. The Connex has line of sight range of 3300 feet for full HDMI 1080P(60) wireless video!

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 919-876-6020 to find out what is the right wireless video system for your school.

iFOOTAGE Shark Slider

CMRSharkSlider 275

If you need a slider for your production shots, have a look at the iFootage Shark slider. This best in class slider is highly engineered with carbon fiber rails and adjustable carriage bearings. The included 2nd set of rails can be quickly installed. All setup and adjustment is tool-less. The belt driven flywheel makes it easy for anyone to control smooth slider shots.

Includes a padded carrying case and 1 yr limited warranty.

CMRCrane 275iFOOTAGE M1 III Crane

Schools looking for an affordable but high performance mid range crane should consider the iFootage M1 III. The M1 III has sturdy carbon fiber construction, with a total load capacity of 32 lbs.(camera rig plus counterweights). It has a built in high quality pan bearings, so there’s no need to mount it on a Fluid head to get smooth pan action.

Tool-less set up is a breeze. Simply combine it with a sturdy tripod (like the Ifootage T5) and you’re ready to go. The unique tilt and hold feature provides a parallax like function to keep a subject nearly centered while moving through tilt angles.

iFOOTAGE T5 TripodCMRTripod 275

The iFootage Wild Bull T5 Tripod is a great choice for those looking for a tripod that is lightweight, compact, and has a high load capacity of 88 lbs. The T5 is anodized aluminum construction. It has a 59 in. maximum height, a minimum height of 8 in., and weighs only 8.8 lb. Collapsed length is 28.3 inches. Bowl diameter is 75mm.

Adjustable feet spikes and feet pads allow the tripod to function in uneven terrain. The locking legs can be adjusted to any angle from 15° to 78°. The quick release locking lever design allows fast lock and release of the tripod legs with just one hand.

Includes a padded carrying case and is the perfect companion for the M1 III crane.

For more information on these and our other products, visit Camera Motion Research at