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Founded in 2002, Broadcast Pix is the leader in integrated production switchers with broadcast, corporate, education, government, religious, sports, streaming, and visual radio customers in more than 110 countries. From compact systems with end-to-end integration to large-scale systems for high-end live productions, Broadcast Pix switchers feature Fluent Control, a patented combination of automation technology and performance tools to optimize workflows. Every switcher includes dual-channel CG and clip stores, ClearKey chromakey and virtual sets, file-based macros, external device control, and customizable multi-view. Broadcast Pix also offers ReVue slow motion systems, FX3D real-time 3D graphics, Rapid CG dynamic graphic playout software, VOX visual radio automation software, and patented control options for its switchers. Learn more at

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BPNet: Cloud-Based IP Workflow Management for Video Production BroadcastPix BPNet

BPNet™ is the new cloud-based IP workflow management system for Broadcast Pix integrated production switchers. BPNet provides a comprehensive service for sharing, converting, distributing, and archiving media files. It integrates directly within Broadcast Pix Flint™, Granite™, Mica™, and Roadie™ switchers, and is also accessible to collaborators via any PC or mobile device browser. BPNet extends media management inside and outside the BP ecosystem, providing a software foundation that unifies the three pillars of IP production—Video, Control, and Data.

BPNet features:
• 25GB of cloud storage, at no cost, with additional storage available for purchase
• Drag-and-drop, accelerated uploading to cloud storage
• Instant content preview in a professional-quality media player with frame-by-frame control
• Full access to and entry of metadata
• Easy search, sort, and management of stored content
• Secured sharing with individuals, departments, clients, etc. to create a collaborative work environment
• High quality transcoding engine, which automatically delivers the right format for any need (no technical skill required)
• Support for automated backups, archiving, and sharing.
• Watch folder integration

BPNet environment will be pre-installed in all new Broadcast Pix switchers beginning Summer 2016 and will be available as a free upgrade for Broadcast Pix customers with a current warranty.

BroadcastPix BPCommandBPCommand: Intelligent, Automated Interfaces Deliver Easy-to-Use Controls to Any Browser on Any Device

BPCommand™ interfaces for education, government meetings, houses of worship, and other settings, make professional live production easy to control, even for non-technical personnel. Streamlined interfaces consisting of intelligent, highly automated controls have been carefully configured to suit these environments. Operators can execute sophisticated professional production sequences that blend source switching, robotic camera control, graphics, and other requirements at the touch of a button.

Running within standard Web browsers, including those on Android and iOS devices, and automatically adjusting to any screen size, BPCommand is usable on any familiar device including touch-screen monitors, tablets, and smartphones. BPCommand can be used as a standalone control system for a Broadcast Pix integrated production switcher, or alongside any other Broadcast Pix control surface. BPCommand includes configuration support via BPNet™ for new installations. Additional customization and configuration support from Broadcast Pix is available to tailor control solutions to any environment.

BP Integrated Production Solutions
BroadcastPix Solutions

Broadcast Pix offers complete, integrated production solutions for any live production requirement. An unmatched array of standard features and tailored options ensure the ideal fit and workflow for any application, including:

Meetings: Integrated production is the key to effortless live production at government meetings, houses of worship, education settings, corporate meeting and other live events. With scalable I/O for any requirement and robotic control of IP cameras, BP brings together all the pieces. Intelligent BPCommand tailored web-based interfaces mean even the most complex sequence is just a button press on any device. Rapid CG delivers names, agendas and other data-driven info graphics with ease.

Presentation: From portable solutions that are ready to go live in minutes to world-class kits for permanent installation, BP for Presentation deliver unmatched ease-of-use that is ideal for Remote Events, Fly-Packs, Mobile Production, Special Events, Corporate Events, Concerts, Houses of Worship and much more. Patented process maintains lip sync. Very low latency for IMAG projection. Control PTZ cameras over IP, record and playback ISO cameras with PixPlay™, while Rapid CG graphics deliver names, titles and other data-driven graphics.

Broadcast: From time critical news to polished studio entertainment, Broadcast Pix combines world-class creative capability with productive efficient workflows and to do more with less equipment. With Quicklink TX Skype video, IP I/O, integrated clips, BPView-the world’s most customizable multiviewer, powerful Rapid CG data graphics, Watch Folders and now, BPNet, BP for Broadcast brings the entire production together.

Sports: In the truck, remote from the stadium, or back in the studio, BP for Sports delivers speed, efficiency and features for today’s demanding sports coverage. ReVue slow motion replay immerses viewers in the action while Rapid CG data-driven graphics keep them informed and provide social media integration to engage the audience. The remarkable BPView multiviewer adapts to any production requirement. Powerful macros make the complex, effortless. BP for Sports gets it done with less equipment, faster workflows, and superior results.

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