NewTek is transforming the way people create network-style television content and share it with the world. From corporate communications—to virtually any venue where people want to capture and publish live video, we give our customers the power to grow theiraudiences, brands and businesses, faster than ever before.

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TriCaster Mini Advancedleft view tcmini co460e7a1 400
Portable Desktop System

TriCaster Mini is a compact multimedia studio with the most complete set of creative tools integrated into one small package. It’s perfect for educators and students alike who are learning the art of making great looking video to deliver their messages like seasoned television professionals. 

Now with NDI® Technology and TriCaster Advanced Edition, you can use any combination of compatible video sources, including cameras, mobile devices, computers, gaming systems, streaming media, video files, graphics, images, animations and more to create network-quality productions.

mediads anglea trn 400MediaDS™

The MediaDS™ is a real-time media encoding and live streaming video delivery platform merging NewTek’s live production technology with Wowza™ streaming software. As a fully integrated hardware and software solution, it is the first turnkey production system that enables local and global media distribution. It establishes a direct link between the producer and the viewer, which allows users to launch their own multi-channel content networks, and enables productions, presentations, and live events to be seen by anyone, anywhere, on any device—directly from the control room, studio or production site.

TriCaster® TC410 Plus
Mid-size Rack-mount System
TC410Plus 350

Modern producers, publishers and content creators can push forward with confidence with this new and improved base model TriCaster. No other integrated system provides a more complete, professional workflow for mid-range mobile and studio productions for the price.

TriCaster TC410 Plus delivers an immersive viewing experience for programs, performances, events, and sports intermixing formats up to 3G 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second. Allows producers to transmit NDI® video, audio and data over IP with near-zero latency and instant access to and seamless interchange with essentially unlimited IP sources from anywhere across the network in real time. Integrates with products from hundreds of manufacturers and developers.

NDI® PTZ Camerandihx ptz camera straight 400

The NewTek NDI® PTZ Camera is the world’s first video camera to integrate NDI technology. Supporting video, audio, control, tally, and power over a single Ethernet cable, it delivers broadcast-quality live video over IP directly to any NDI-compatible system, device, or application—anywhere on your network. It’s the fastest easiest way to get IP video into your production.

NewTek Connect Spark™ PlusSparkPlus 350

An affordable high bitrate NDI® portable converterAn affordable high bitrate NDI® portable converter

• Up to 4K• Compact and portable form factor

• Near zero latency and high quality

• Wired Ethernet connectivity• HDMI video input

• Audio input• USB power for use with computers and chargers

• Easy-to-see tally lights

• Threaded screw camera mount