media transformers 300Media Transformers, LLC is much more than your typical consulting group. With us, you gain a valuable partner who has your best interests in mind and will work with you to help your vision become reality. Comprised of individuals who have over 40 years of combined teaching and industry experience, our team consists of professional designers, instructors, and former administrative personnel who are qualified to uniquely understand the education market in order to help you captivate audiences, motivate your staff/students, and get the most return on your environment's investment. Learn ways to save time when preparing lessons and programming. We provide independent analysis, identifying ways your media program can strengthen. This gathered intelligence is then used to formulate an action plan with input from your staff. 

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Learn not only the skills it takes to put together a successful broadcast, but the special tools of the trade that will bring greater efficiency to your newsroom operation, leaving more time for program refinement. Our team will work with you to strengthen your talent's on-air delivery, photojournalism, and on-air image/brand.• Music Selection/Licensing/Integration• Brand Development/Implementation• Photojournalism/Studio Training• Technical Consulting• Workflow Management Solutions• Staff Development/Training Seminars

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If you're struggling to create engagement, let us help. We'll work with you to create projects that elevate productivity and increase enthusiasm, all while building upon professional production/storytelling techniques.• Help with Music Licensing• Introductory Storytelling Techniques• Directing Actors/Crew• Technical Consulting• Workflow Management Solutions• Staff Development/Training Seminars