SteadyTrackerLogoTo design, produce and distribute the most cost effective camera support and control systems increasing the production value and significantly enhancing the cinematic capabilities of video professionals worldwide. Our vision is to Keep Inventing Simpler Solutions pertaining to camera support and control systems, offering the digital filmmaker and production professional the tools required to get shots, angles and moves you could not get any other way for a price that is simply unbeatable. To offer smaller facilities with economical tools to cost effectively create higher quality product than the competing companies.

Our current staff is comprised of video production and post production professionals with over 70 years of industry experience. With backgrounds from well known companies such as Hamilton Avnet, MicroNet Technology, ProMax Systems, Bigfoot Entertainment, and Markertek, the passionate SteadyTracker Company personnel is ready, willing and able to meet the upcoming challenges of video, television and movie production professionals worldwide as we soar into new horizons.

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SteadyTracker Extreme 

The SteadyTracker Extreme is our most popular stabilizer. The SteadyTracker Extreme is used when you need to get stable, fluid, dreamy shots while the camera in motion. Its unique counterbalance design allows perfect balancing on any camera or camcorder from under 1 pound to up to 8 lbs. From your little iphone to your NX6, the SteadyTracker Extreme can meet the challenge. Best of all, you can set up and balance the system within a minute, so you never miss the shot. Plus the SteadyTracker Extreme is very cost effective. No other handheld stabilizer gives you all these features for under $200.

The SteadyTracker Extreme can eliminate shake, yaw and roll while be held in only one hand. It features 5 shooting modes to make your every shot look like it was produced with a million dollar studio. The five shooting modes offer flexibility that is not found in any of our the competitions products for a fraction of the price. When in Flying mode, the SteadyTracker Extreme can tilt, pan, dutch and do virtually any angle imaginable all with one hand. In monopod mode you are able to capture static shots, tilts, Pans, dutches and zooms. In Self supported mode, the SteadyTracker Extreme can be left on the ground or a surface, while still holding your camera for great locked off shots. When rested on your leg, or belt, the Static Body Mounted mode allows you to use your free hand to manually adjust the zoom and focus while you are shooting. While in Periscope mode the SteadyTracker extreme sits on your shoulder and gets you a point of view about 2 feet higher than your eye, thus allowing you to “see” over fences, over crowds and on top of the world.


CobraCrane BackPacker

The BackPacker is our most popular single arm crane and meets the demands of professional videographers needing both quick setup times and professional booming, sliding, swinging and tilting motions in a confined area. More demanding users choose to use BackPackers than any other camera crane in the market today. The BackPacker is easy to set up; creates dramatic, cinematic shots in a confined area, and can be folded up to be carried with you, wherever your shoot takes you. Not only professionals, but prosumers, hobbyists, and lots of other people with handheld video cameras and DSLRs are enjoying the great material they are creating with this small, affordable, highly effective crane arm. The BackPacker is designed for DSLRs and handheld cameras weighing up to 6.5 lbs (3kg). These are extremely popular for those that shoot with both DSLRs and Handheld professional broadcast camcorders.

The BackPacker can be setup in seconds. It even fits in the bag retracted, but ready to go. Simple quick release knobs allow the weight bar to retract and extend effortlessly, making setup and breakdown fast and efficient; as well as making weight balancing and adjustment a breeze.

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