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For a number of years PSS has brought a concern for service to a loyal clientele in production sound for motion pictures, broadcasting, and video production. They also serve recording studios, schools, universities, and government agencies worldwide.

The largest inventory of professional sound equipment on the web. You can directly buy on-line or even better, stop by the NYC office and chat with the staff. Pizza is always available on a Friday at noon and discussions of the latest technologies and personal experiences abound. And don't forget to send them your "On Location" pictures. The PSS monthly newsletter has the most up-to-date news with many pictures and stories in the field.

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Lectrosonics LMb TransmitterLMbtd-1-350

The LMb transmitter can be configured to operate as a “one touch” device with a single power on/off switch on the top panel, or with full access to all operational parameters using the side panel membrane switches and LCD interface. The top panel switch can also be configured to provide a mute or talkback function. This versatility makes the transmitter at home in a wide variety of applications from video production to theater, stage and house of worship.

Lttd-1-350Lectrosonics LT Transmitter

The LT transmitter offers a full set of professional features in a compact, rugged package. The unit is compatible with all Digital Hybrid Wireless® receivers and even some from other manufacturers, making it comfortable in a wide variety of applications from video production to theater, stage and house of worship.

An IR port on the membrane panel enables automatic setup when coupled with an IR enabled receiver. A USB port on the side panel allows firmware updates to be made easily.

The servo bias input accepts mic or line level signals with a wide range of gain adjustment in 1 dB steps. A menu selectable instrument level input is available on the LCD. Accurate LED indications on the top panel and a bar graph indicator on the LCD allow precise gain adjustments to be made for the maximum signal to noise ratio and minimum distortion.

Lectrosonics LR ReceiverLrtd-1-350

Excellent performance in a small package for ENG and DSLR video production is the purpose and intent of the LR receiver design. Tracking front-end filters block interference from high powered RF signals on nearby channels to preserve the extended operating range. RF spectrum scanning displays accurate results on the LCD to make finding clear spectrum quick and easy.

The receiver is powered by internal AA batteries or with an optional battery eliminator. The top panel includes an IR port for transmitter setup. Firmware updates are enabled via a USB port on the side panel. The housing is made from a solid machined aluminum billet.

zslrlmb kit 1447562051-350Complete L Series Kits Available

To kick off the release of the L series, Lectrosonics has created packages for both the LT/LR combo and the LMb/LR combo. Each promo pack includes 1 LR receiver AND 1 Lmb OR LT transmitter, and the following accessories:
• M152/5p Lavaliere Microphone
• LRSHOE camera shoe mount for LR receiver
• MCSRXLR cable, TA3F to XLRM
• MCLRTRS cable, TA3F to 1/8" TRS
• CCMINI zippered pouch

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