Prompter People is the market leader in affordable teleprompter systems. Our teleprompters are used by a wide range of customers including broadcast, cable, corporate, education, ministry as well as video production companies and videographers.

Working with such a large range of customers allows us to understand your needs. Call us today and have one of our product specialists configure the perfect teleprompter system for your needs.

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ProLine Teleprompters ProLine 360

ProLine Teleprompters are far more adaptable than any other teleprompter on the market. The raise and lower feature, as well as the ability to tilt the angle of the glass, is the primary advantage of Prompter People’s ProLine series. The ProLine teleprompter series come in every imaginable size and we strive to work with any size monitor or device, from a cell phone to any size iPad or Tablet, or an 8” monitor all the way to a 32” monitor.

ProLine Reversing 1 400

At Prompter People, all or our teleprompters come with a reversing monitor – a feature that does not come with most other teleprompters in the business. This saves time and money on any shoot, and allows you to prompt with text or PowerPoint.

ProRaiseLowerSm 400

The major advantage for ProLine series teleprompters is the easily variable beamsplitter height and angle. Raising or lowering the glass, or changing the angle of the glass for perfect viewing is quick and easy. Location shooters will value the ability to adjust to any shooting situation or camera.

Trapezoidal Glass 400

Trapezoidal, or Studio Glass, has been specifically designed and used for years in TV productions. The outward sloping angle of the glass allows for a wider viewing angle, without creating problems of "fall off". When anchors or speakers are turning from one camera to another, the trapezoidal glass allows for off-axis viewing for multiple talent. At Prompter People, it's always about making the best product for the right user.

ProLine 60 40 400

The entire purpose of a Teleprompter is for the announcer or viewer to have an easy way to read text. Clean, clear and BRIGHT. 60/40 glass will reflect 40 percent of the monitor image back to the viewer. Allowing for a crisper, cleaner, BRIGHTER, easier to read image. Other Teleprompters will only reflect back 30% of the image, so the viewer may have a more difficult time reading the text. In our opinion, the companies that say 70/30 glass is better, are simply wrong. However, if you request 70/30 glass, we can make it available to you.

No need to break out a set of tools, or plan on an hour of set-up. No tools needed at all. No complicated instructions to read for setting up the glass and rail system. We have made our prompters as easy and solid to use as possible. That way you can focus on the task at hand.

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