FlolightThinking of purchasing a FloLight product? You're in good company. Our customers include everyone from network television shows and production studios to fortune five hundred companies and some of the top universities. The reason is simple, FloLight lights are made of the highest quality at a price you can afford. Today, FloLight is rapidly becoming the new standard for professional lighting with a wide array of fluorescent and LED lighting solutions.

With flicker-free fluorescent lighting and LEDs with the highest CRI rating available, FloLight stands ready to meet the needs of video professionals. Be it on camera lights for run and gun shooting or studio lighting, you will get a light that's built to last, color accurate and backed by a 12 month warranty.

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The BladeLight uses linear strips of high density, high power LEDs. The linear LED array includes a variable height lens to offer multiple beam angles of 120/90160130 degrees. The lens not only shapes the light but magnifies it for a brighter light.

The BladeLight offers high output, wrap around light equal to bulky softboxes. Unlike softboxes the BladeLight offers razor sharp light shaping with the included barn doors without multiple shadows. Its unique patent pending linear design offers beautiful wrap around light when positioned horizontally and infinite shadow control when turned towards a vertical orientation.

The Bladelight is available in Daylight, Bicolor and Green versions for use with green screens. With the green LED version you can light a green screen 10 feet wide by 10 feet high with just two lights. The Daylight/Tungsten LEDs offer 95+ CR1 with high R9 and Rl2 values for perfect skin tones.

You can control light output with a manual dimmer or through any IDS or Android device via Bluetooth 4.0 control. Dim individual lights or dim by groups. Turn all on/off with a single click. Create preset scenes for recall later for perfectly matched shots.

BladeLights are available in 1 8"and 36"inches lengths with 1,2 or three linear arrays per light. All lights can be attached either end to end or side by side to create a wider long light. The low profile design is perfect for lower ceilings offering unmatched light output and control in the tighest spaces.

- Softbox like wrap around light
- iPhone & Android remote control
- High power up to 300w!
- Focusable -4 selectable beam angles 2001200 - Razor Sharp Light Control
- Green LED versions for perfect green screen - Connect end-end, side-side
- two slide-in channels for diffusion and filters - barndoors cut light razor sharp
- available in 50,100,200,300 watt versions

MicroBeam 1024mb1024 cri lux charted 5 400

The New MicroBeam 1024 by FloLight is the equivalent of a 1000W hotlight and offers both high light output, and a very high CRI of 95 with high R9 and R13 values, for incredibly accurate color rendition of skin tones.

The new MicroBeam1024 offers a powerful light output that is more than double its previous offering! With its 45* beam angle, the MicroBeam 1024 rates almost 8,000 LUX at 1 meter. The light intensity can be controlled via the built-in dimmer from 10% - 100% for incredibly accurate control over exposure. There is also two channels available for gels, diffusion and accessories.

The MicroBeam 1024 is $799 USD, Priced to sell at $200 off list. Free Barndoors, a $109 value, are included with every MicroBeam 1024 LED Panel. FloLight has also found the best solution for diffusion with LEEs Zircon diffusion and has had it pre-cut to fit into the channels, treated it with a special coating to last for years of filming, and provide incredibly soft lighting.

Yes, you read correctly, we said it is 95 CRI, an exceptional result. We traded off a slightly reduced lifespan, now at 25,000 hours when designing this specialized new 5mm LED - it was certainly worth it for this seismic leap. FloLight’s MicroBeam 1024 is one of the only High CRI LED videography and photography light panel at an affordable price.

FL330AW 400FL300AW

FloLight's fluorescent lights offer a cost effective solution to video and photo lighting without sacrificing quality. FloLight’s fluorescent lights offer accurate color with 93+ CRI, flicker free output with it’s built in ballast, wireless dimming for hands-free control, and robust all metal construction make Flolight fluorescents the work horse of professional video and photo production.

FloLight’s Fluorescent FL-330AW offers 6 55 watt lamps for 330 watts of power. It comes with both Daylight 5400k and a free set of Tungsten 3200k lamps. Each lamp is rated to last 10,000 hours. This incredibly powerful fluorescent fixture offers 6,900 LUX at 1 meter, offers flicker free continuous lighting, and comes with a remote for wireless controls.

Experience affordable, and incredibly color accurate flicker free fluorescent lighting with FloLight’s FL-330AW, or for smaller set ups check out FloLight’s smaller fluorescent fixtures that are available in 220 watt 4 lamp, or 110 watt 2 lamp fixtures. For larger setups FloLight offers the FB-2500 with 50,000 LUX at 1 Meter and 2,500 watt hot light equivalent output. All of FloLight’s fluorescent series offer incredibly high CRI, high light output, with very low heat output.