The NEW broadcast lighting line from Light & Motion represents the most powerful, compact rugged lights available for imaging professionals. These self-contained lights have built-in Li-ion rechargeable batteries that allow the lights to run cord free for up to 12 hours, and for extended use, simply connect to a wall adapter or additional external batteries. They’re completely waterproof, designed to withstand a 1-m drop and are compatible with a wide range of light modifiers and mounting systems.

Light & Motion Light & Motion has been building underwater imaging lights for demanding professionals for over 25 years.

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SIDEKICK | THE PERFECT GoPro and “on camera” LIGHT for Sidekick01-350BROADCAST 

You go to extraordinary lengths to find yourself in epic moments but the lighting with action cameras is almost never adequate to get a good shot. With Sidekick as a companion you have perfect lighting wherever you go.

The SIDEKICK’s powerful compact light extends what’s possible for “Run & Gun” and POV shooting. The universal mounting options allow the Sidekick to work in just about any configuration needed with a durable, waterproof design. Its dedicated optics provide a beautifully smooth 90° Flood light and the Duo version also features a tighter 23° beam pattern.

Sidekick02-350MODULAR SYSTEM
Works with all GoPro models using a simple bolt extender to leverage existing GoPro mounts. Set up as a standalone light with the GoPro Mount adapter or optional 1/4-20" Adapter for Cold-Shoe and Tripod mounts.

Battery status indicator clearly displays battery level with a multi-color LED. Charge with USB Cradle system that slides on to connect the external charge ports for simple, reliable use.

All our lights are developed to meet/exceed the ANSI/NEMA FL-1 Standard, a testing protocol to scientifically measure a light’s brightness, color, run-time, and water/impact resistance.

STELLA | The World's Most Portable Broadcast LightStella01-350

A powerful, self-contained lighting system that is so durable that it can withstand repeated 1m drops on concrete, so waterproof it will work 100 meters underwater, and so compact it fits in your hand.

"The power and flexibility of the Light & Motion Stella lights gave us an amazing film making tool." shared Nicholas Schrunk of Red Bull Media House after using the lights for a documentary, "The high lumen output and factory sealed battery allowed us to shoot everything from studio interviews to full downpours and underwater with a single lighting option that was as beautiful as it was resilient."

Rugged design for long-term durability. With a powerful self-contained rechargeable lithium-ion battery supply, you can shoot cable free for up to 12 hours. For longer shoots, you can plug into a wall adapter, DTAP system, or for the Stella 2000 model, external rechargeable battery packs. The powerful beam has beautiful optics delivering a smooth 120-degree beam pattern without artifacts or hotspots - at a precise color temperature and high CRI. The modular system allows for a wide range of lighting modifiers and mounting systems to get the lighting you need with easy set up and certified performance.

Set the light up wherever you want. The Stella is designed with a universal slot to attach to a 1/4-20" adapter, a pistol mount, a bar mount, or C-Stand mount.

Go cable free with the self-contained rechargeable Li-ion battery or add additional runtime with add-on Li-ion batteries, D-Tap connector, or plug into the wall for AC power. The Stella 2000 offers a full hour of runtime on high at 2000 lumens and up to 7 hours on low at 300 lumens, you can experience what the term, ‘Run and Gun’ really means. The Stella 5000 Pro runs for 90 minutes at 5000 blazing lumens and up to 12 hours at 625 lumens.

CHARGING: The Fast Charge brings the Stella 2000 and Stella 5000 Pro back to 80% capacity in one hour!

Scientifically Tested
 - Each Stella lighting system is comprehensively tested according to the FL-1 Standard and provides you with precise details about the lumen brightness, color temperature, CRI, and FLUX rating. Performance precision.

Stella has been specially designed to use a wide range of lighting modifiers to provide the perfect beam angle and lighting style. Includes 70-degree Optic and Glo Bulb modifiers,and adapter ring that accommodates barn doors and standard 3” Chimera Soft Boxes. Mini Chimera sold separately. Everything is designed to deliver the performance you need in a compact, rugged package.


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