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The idea for CHEQROOM sprouted a couple of years ago, when Vincent Theeten was the head of an IT department of a 30-person company. Next to his role as manager of the software team, he was also responsible for managing all IT equipment. Frustrated about the hours of valuable time and the many items that got lost, he scoured the market to find a simple and affordable tracking system for his equipment but found nothing to meet his needs.

The result: a revolutionary different approach to equipment tracking that replaces barcode scanners and complex, oversized software solutions with one simple, in the cloud web application. CHEQROOM allows users to register, manage and track their equipment anywhere, at any time.

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Looking To Streamline Your School’s Inventory?

Many school districts, colleges, universities and other education institutes deal with large amounts of AV assets. And when it comes to inventory tracking, these entities typically still rely on paper records.

But: are those spreadsheets really designed to do the job for you? And more importantly: how can you track your equipment items if you don’t know where they go once they leave your warehouse?

Moving your assets to a cloud-based inventory software like CHEQROOM will definitely be an upgrade for your organization. Our fast cloud-based inventory software enables you to track your items in real-time. Always stay one step ahead of any trouble!


Let users manage their equipment through the self-service module

Using the self-service feature, your students can easily manage their gear from their mobile devices. This way, you won’t need to keep track of every piece of equipment being used on a job or in inventory. It’s time to save time!

Generate agreements from a template, and have your users sign the equipment responsibility form that states their agreement to take of your valuable assets.

Get a complete audit trail of any transactions, activities and modifications

This report provides a full audit trail of changes to your inventory. This allows you to keep track of the status of your expensive equipment.

To learn more about Cheqroom and their services visit their website by clicking here