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Future Sports Media is a technology provider serving the sports and media communities with innovative software and online solutions for capturing, distributing, publishing and – ultimately – monetizing the most exciting and valuable highlight moments from sporting events at any level. We also make it possible even for those on a shoe string budget to create professional looking live streaming productions via our unique, all-in-one, software based, live production tools. The company was founded in 2007 from an equal mix of passion for sports, technology and business. Our products have been in commercial operation with select customers since 2010 and continuously developed and optimized along the way.

We work mainly together with rights owners within the sports community, such as sports clubs, leagues, event organizers, production companies and so forth, to increase the value of their existing publishing rights assets e.g. by helping them create new services – and thus new revenue streams – aimed at both professional publishers such as TV-channels and/or directly towards consumers/sports fans.

LiveReplayer from Future Sports Media (FSM) is an application tailored to the needs of everyone working with the production of live sports broadcasts. It has never been easier to create professional looking sports productions as LiveReplayer was built to address the fact that the vast majority of sports events can not be covered by professional multi-person crews with many years of training and a large budget. Indeed, the reality is more often than not the complete opposite: perhaps just one or two people, working for free or for peanuts, with a really tight equipment budget, but with big hearts dedicated to their school or team. With LiveReplayer, there is a way to professionalize even the smallest of productions, and with minimal training need… ”Anyone can learn to use LiveReplayer in 5 minutes”, and only one person is needed to handle all the production goodies such as replays & slow motions, multi camera switching, graphics, commercials, external file injections, highlights playlists and more.

Live Clips

LiveReplayer has another big benefit: An integrated service feature, and ”second screen” solution, called ”Live clips”. Live clips enables one-click instant publishing of any clip created with LiveReplayer to any website, app or to social media. Publishing to web sites and apps is done via a private cloud dedicated only to the Live clips service, which makes it extremely fast and, importantly, provides the user with a unique end-to-end control of all clips published.

Live clips is designed to publish clips at pace with the live event on the publisher’s own web site and/or app and/or social media channels, and comes with ad block immune monetization features.

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Live clips is an outstanding way of increasing visibility of your live event with virtually zero extra effort. Used smartly it will help to attract more viewers to your live streams & broadcasts and in the longer run likely also bring new spectators to your home games - who will then get the added benefit of having their own personal replay screen in their pockets thanks to Live clips…

Both LiveReplayer and the Live clips service can be trialled completely free. LiveReplayer has a full featured test mode which is perpetually free. Live clips on the other hand is in a build out phase and currenty offered to a limited number of customers (if you are interested to try it out, send a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) but will come with a 30 day free trial when it is released more widely in the second half of 2016.

To sign up for a free user account, learn more about LiveReplayer and its features, including Live clips, visit the website by clicking here


Replayer01LiveReplayer Setup

LiveReplayer works with any encoder that receives AV using HDMI, and is compatible with Mac OS X. Most Mac computers from recent years can run LiveReplayer, including the low end machines, while bigger machines are of course needed for more complex and demanding setups. SDI or HDMI input signals are connected to the Mac's Thunderbolt ports via a converter unit from Blackmagic Design. Picture and sound is output from the Mac HDMI port to an external encoder.

LiveReplayer also supports IP based inputs (from IP cameras and network streams) which makes it possible to do both on-site and off-site productions. If there are multiple simultaneous inputs, the user may mix these different types of signals simultaneously. As an example, there could be one or more manned SDI-camera and one or more unmanned (cheap) fix-mount IP cameras feeding into LiveReplayer at the same time. One click then yields a replay clip from each of the connected signals so that, for example, a goal can be replayed from multiple camera angles.

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Easy to use graphics

Add graphics customized to your sport with dead-easy setup and controls for time, scores, penalites sponsor messages and so on.

And more sports coming soon!

If you have an opinion on which sports or other usage areas which should get a dedicated graphics profile, then feel free to send suggestions to the FSM product management crew via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Compose HighlightsReplayerGameHighlights

Create and distribute highlight packages within minutes after the event. No more need for scrubbing through and cutting from huge video files after everybody else have gone home to sleep after the game! With LiveReplayer, you compose your highlight packages on the fly, and when the event is finished, it is alreay done and ready for export (takes just a minute or two depending on length of your package) and can then be sent to recipients of your choice or published to any VOD service, to your website etc.

For more information on these and our other products, visit LiveReplayer at